Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting Ready for the big day !!!

MAY 5th 2010 is fast approaching !!!!

I am now less than one month away from one of the biggest adventures of my life ! Packing up the things i want to keep and selling the things i don't can be stressful. But in the End its all stuff. Now that I have given my two weeks notice at the factory , I'm getting restless. I have been trying so hard to stay focused but it has been VERY difficult. I miss my girls so bad !!! My whole shift is spent day dreaming about walking back through the gates and seeing all of the children who hold my heart.
When I left the Dominican 10 months ago I couldn't wait to be back , But in the back of my mind I had doubted that I would get back to stay this long . I have no clue as to why I would doubt , maybe it was because serving on the mission field is my dream .WELL my dreams are coming true ! Every morning when I am awaken by my alarm cant help but think very soon i will be waking up to the street vendors selling things up and down the street. AHHHH I CANT WAIT !!!
The time is short ! I am still in need of financial support. But I know in Faith that God is going to provide. I have so much still that needs to be done ! Just to keep things on the right track I have list for all my lists ! :)

Keep praying for me !
Forever Al

About Me

Hey my name is Alyx , Im just a girl who is passionate about my faith in Jesus Christ. I am a dreamer !!! One of my biggest dreams is to live full time on the mission field! One random fact about me is I am a impulsive person and it can be a good thing or a bad thing.